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Gorgeous Family Farm For Sale $255,000

This gorgeous, fully furnished four bedrooms + 2 bathroom family farm with 18031 m² (4.4 acres) is a turnkey property. Located on a graveled road 800 meters from the main Cochea/ David paved road near Cochea Arriba School. With a large open-plan kitchen, lounge, dining room with side laundry, and storeroom, you will have plenty of room for entertaining.
Propane gas and on-demand water heaters provide water heating to the main house and the casita. Both are on municipal electricity as well. Wifi is available. The main house has thermo-panel roofing, which provides excellent insulation.

This farm is fully fenced flat land with fertile black soil, which is great for agriculture and livestock. It has excellent drainage with a complete sprinkler system throughout the property. The two wells, water tanks, and pumps provide perfect potable water on the farm. There is also a seasonal stream that runs on the back of the property. There is a toolshed with all tools included in the package.

The property has plantains, bananas, pomegranates, papaya trees, and an established vegetable garden.

Included is an income-generating one-bedroom casita currently registered with Airbnb.
There is a BBQ entertainment area with an above-ground swimming pool.
Currently, the livestock on the farm is sheep, ducks, and chickens.