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2014 Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival

This was my first experience with the Boquete Jazz/Blues Festival.  What a great day. Here we were enjoying a beautiful summer day in the mountains of Panama.  The sun and the clouds were playing a cat and mouse game until about 3PM.  Just when it was getting too warm, the sun disappeared and a fine misty rain appeared to cool everything down.  At times, a cool breeze would flutter by just to make sure we were all comfortable. Then, like magic, out came the sun again.

When you needed to stretch your legs you could walk around the small area that was set up for vendors to sell their wares.  There was a variety artisans that had little booths set up for your viewing pleasure.  It is really nice when you can speak to the artists about what they have crafted.  If you were not interested in buying souvenirs, but were thirsty or hungry, that was also taken care of for you.  There were booths selling sodas, beers, wines, and water.  Foods and sweets were also there for you to try and enjoy.  When they said it was not necessary to bring coolers, they were right.  Everything was right there for you, created for your comfort and enjoyment of the music.

The musicians that performed were all incredible.  The jazz bands made you think you were in a high end club; and you were.  Here you were, sitting in a beautifully designed outdoor amphitheater.  No matter where you were sitting, the acoustics were great.  Then came the Blues band.  People got up and were dancing in front of the stage and on the amphitheater tiers.  It was impossible to sit still.  Just when you thought your acoustic senses had been peaked, out came an 18 piece swing band orchestra.  People were up doing the jitter bug and any other moves that tickled their fancies.

Having a two year old and a three year old at this type of venue could have been a problem.  Not here!  There was plenty for them to eat, drink and walk around and see.  The best part was that the kids were up dancing and became one with the music along with everyone else.  At 6:00 everyone was satiated with good food, drink and music and we regrettably had to leave.  It had been such a great day that we were surprised to see how quickly the day had passed away. Will we do it again next year?  Yes, and we hope to see some new faces there to join us.  Just another eventful day that was enjoyed by all in this little piece of paradise called Panama.